Fee Increases from March 2023

January 2023
Important Notice – Fee increases from 1st March 2023

The Light of Hope Community Interest Company is a non-profit organization, established in 2003 and run by volunteers (we have no paid employees). We are a company which is “Limited by Guarantee” which means we have no shareholders, no dividends and all our funds must be used to further our stated aims of:
• Teaching Meditation
• Providing Holistic Therapies
• Training Therapists
We have just come to the end of our energy contracts and are having to absorb a 4-fold increase in rates. We cannot sustain this level of increase without increasing fees – which we do reluctantly as we have always sought to keep our fees affordable for as many people as possible. Our Therapy fees have not increased for over 20 years!

The following increases will come into effect on 1st March 2023:
• £4 evenings, £3 lunchtime (£6.50 for 2 sessions in the week and £7.50 for 3 sessions)
• Will increase by 10 – 15% (see individual course details)
• Our standard fee of £25 will increase to £30 for 1-hour sessions (£35 for 1 hour massage)
• Other fees for longer sessions will increase similarly – see individual details and speak to your therapist. Individual Therapists may still offer individual concessions as they do at present. These concessions are discretionary and come directly from the income of the Therapists (their room rent and product fees are the same irrespective of any concession given).
We hope you will appreciate the necessity to apply these increases and will continue to support the Hope Centre. We have survived recent closures and limitations thanks to your support, and hopefully will be able continue with our work into the future.

IF you may wish to help us financially or may wish to consider other voluntary help, please email us on
We have a LOCAL GIVING facility where donations (regular or one-off) can be made (and enhanced with Gift Aid).
The link is:
Kind regards and many thanks
The Hope Centre Team