Events and Activities

We run and host a wide range of activities including:

Tai Chi & Qi Gung
Steps (Teachings of the Ascended Masters)
Foundation in Light
Diploma in Holistic Reflexology
Diploma in Crystal Healing
Strengh in Passing
Autistic Spectrum Healing
Addiction Healing
Golden Years
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Activities and Events

We are always keen to host events and activities which will benefit the community and are in keeping with our holistic aims and principles. Please feel free to contact either of our centre’s in order to discuss your requirements.

Currently we host the following regular activities but are always keen to expand into appropriate new areas.Please always contact the venue before attending especialy during the summer holidays.

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Meditations are run regularly at both Manchester and Hebden Bridge.

Yoga classes at Hebden Bridge and Manchester

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Invitations to special meditations
Invitations to special teaching

Please contact either of the Hope Centres by going to our contact page