Diploma in Crystal Healing

Diploma in Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is both powerful and searching with a vast application to dis-ease in our current age and time. It has far-reaching personal and planetary perspectives and should never be undertaken lightly or without knowledge and total respect for both crystals and client.


This is an advanced healing course suitable for those who have completed the Foundation in Light and have at least one other body therapy ( Reflex, Reiki, Massage). As the course is only open to a limited number of students we do not teach the course every year. Please contact to check availability and suitability.

This comprehensive course has 14 teaching modules plus an assessment day.

Practical sessions are included in each day and students are fully supported throughout each study module through to final assessment.

Students are required to complete a large body of personal research. This seeks to stretch the individuals experience, knowledge and personal healing development whilst progressing in the role as ‘crystal healer’.

Upon confirmation of their Diploma, graduates will be offered a period of limited clinical practice through one of Light of Hope CIC healing clinics. This offers a unique opportunity for graduates to build on their professional competence in a supported and established clinical environment.

Our Diploma in Crystal Healing therapies is advanced level training for any holistic practitioner wishing to further their healing work through the use of crystals. Therefore, entry qualification to this therapist training course will ideally be a College of Light Reflexology Diploma, or other equivalent.

Prospective students should apply in writing and may be asked to attend a brief interview to assess their individual student requirements. Our college tutors endeavor to meet the students needs at all times. Those with limited experience or without appropriate qualifications may be required to undertake additional foundation training (at additional cost).

Dates for the next course are to be confirmed – please contact us for further information.

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  1. A historical perspective and their gift to the planet now
  2. Crystals and the anatomy of the chakra
  3. Chakra Healing. Crystal Healing process
  4. Crystal healing the physical.
  5. Crystal healing the emotional 1
  6. Crystal Healing the emotional 2
  7. Crystal healing and mental disorders
  8. Crystal healing and spiritual connection
  9. Crystal healing the environment. Personal and planetary focus.
  10. Gem remedies. Pregnancy
  11. Master crystals and crystal lasers
  12. Case Studies
  13. Case Studies. Spinal healing
  14. Crystals and Reflexology.. Review
  15. Assessment