Bridge of Light

Bridge of Light

Therapist Training & Holistic Healing for Autistic Spectrum Healing.

The Bridge of Light offers a specialist clinic with an innovative and unique approach to help with Autistic Spectrum disorders and it’s associated spectrum, social isolation, communication and behaviour difficulties.

Diseases such as Parkinson’s, Dementia and Depression are also helped with the integration of the left-brain to bring a more balanced focus on life, and all it’s activities.

Aligning and integrating the human energy field in such a way as to bring peace, strength and healing, so that optimum life achievements may be realised, achieve this.

A variety of healing approaches are tailored to suit individual requirement.

The Bridge of Light also trains therapists who wish to specialise in the healing of these disorders. The training is flexible, by modules and allows for the application of learnt techniques to be used immediately to help others.

Anyone requiring further information please contact Dr Anna Rewilak at the Hope Centre Halifax (07402 973850), or Alison Sargent at the Hope Centre Manchester (0161 973 9130), both of whom who will be able to give a more detailed account of the healing and therapist training.

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