The Mountain of Hope

Mountain of Hope

Therapist Training and Holistic Healing for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The Mountain of Hope offers an innovative, holistic approach, bringing healing and hope to people suffering with drug and alcohol dependency.

Therapies are based on client centred individual healing programmes, aimed to meet differing levels of dependency, which includes legal and illegal substances.

This unique form of healing, which involves the use of crystals, helps to align, balance and strengthen the human energy field, enabling the person to have the hope and belief to facilitate the release of the addictive patterning.

Support, healing and self-help techniques are available to families and partners.

Healing is offered to children with a genetic predisposition to addiction, is available to pregnant mothers with addictive problems and to babies born of dependent mothers, from as young as six days, combining a medical and holistic approach.

These programmes do not include tobacco addiction.

The Mountain of Hope also trains those who wish to specialise in the healing of drug and alcohol dependency. The training is flexible, by module and ensures the immediate application of techniques learnt to help others.

*Anyone requiring further information please contact Vanda Bingley who will be able to give a more detailed account of the healing and therapist training. Please also visit the Mountain of Hope Web Site here.

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