Light of Hope Meditations on YouTube

Hi Friends


You will no doubt be aware that the Hope Centre Manchester is now closed and all its activities suspended until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak that started in March 2020.

If you wish to continue to meditate regularly with your Hope Centre Manchester friends you can now do this on YouTube, as we are now in the process of uploading a new guided meditation for each day of the month with the project name of ‘meditations31’.  

You may wish to meditate at the usual Hope Centre times:

Tuesday evenings 7.30

Wednesday lunchtimes 12.45

Thursday evenings 7.30  

The meditations will be available at any time you wish. The most important thing is to keep meditating regularly, every day if possible!

Most of the meditations are about 18-20 minutes in length, with a shorter ‘music only’ middle section. These shorter versions were originally written to give people the option to meditate at work in their breaks or at lunchtime. The length of each meditation is displayed on the titles for each piece. 

To locate the meditations simply search on YouTube for:

“Hope Centre Manchester”

Or click on this link:

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from the meditations. If you wish to make a donation to help the Hope Centre through the current challenging time our Local Giving link is:

With kind regards

The Hope Centre Team