Diploma in Holistic Reflexology

Diploma in Holistic Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient form of healing with significant relevance in our current age. As the optimum therapy to rebalance the human energy system and ignite the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, Reflexology is now seen as a mainstream complementary therapy with many positive benefits for both the healthy and those living with dis-ease in their lives.

Course Structure and Aims

Students attending the course will normally have a College of Light ‘Foundation in Light’ attainment. Students with other experience will be individually assessed and may be required to attend additional modules (at additional cost) to ensure they have the necessary understanding to benefit fully from the course.

Through practical, experiential and intuitive development, the students explore physical energy reflex points through to a comprehensive working knowledge of the energy bodies and, in turn, intuitive massage.

In-depth case studies will be explored as will factors in dis-ease and the role of therapist as a practicing Reflexologist.

The graduate of this Diploma will then be offered the opportunity for limited clinical practice in one of our healing clinics to obtain experience. This will enable students to develop their professionalism and competency as a therapist in a well established and busy clinic environment. Students are supported in their own individual and natural development as a therapist.

This course is validated by the International Professional Therapists International (I.P.T.I).


Starting April 2020 for 12 Months (14 modules)

Module 1:  Saturday 11th April 2020
Introduction to Reflexology ~ Meet the Feet! Alignment and cleansing of therapy space

Module 2:  Saturday 9th May 2020
Feet Talking ~ a metaphysical understanding of foot disorders

Module 3: Saturday 13th June 2020
Practical Day ~ Route around the Foot

Module 4: Saturday 27th June 2020
Practical Day ~ Student Review

Module 5: Saturday 11th July 2020
Holistic Foot Maps ~ Body Systems

Module 6: Saturday 8th August 2020
Holistic Foot Maps ~ Body Systems

Module 7: Saturday 12th September 2020
Patterns of Illness/Dis-ease ~ The healing process and respect for this process

Module 8: Saturday 10th October 2020
Illness as a Teacher ~ Factors in dis-ease. Seated Alignment technique

Module 9: Saturday 24th October 2020
The Working Reflexologist ~ Ethics of Practice. Alignment through the Feet ~ Chakra Balancing

Module 10: Saturday 14th November 2020
Belief Systems/power of thought/word. Beginning to take a case ~ case study work

Module 11: Saturday 12th December 2020
Reflexology Case Studies ~ The Metaphysical Understanding of Dis-ease

Module 12: Saturday 9th January 2021
Reflexology Case Studies ~ The Metaphysical Understanding of Dis-ease

Module 13: Saturday 13th February 2021
Reflexology Case Studies ~ The Metaphysical Understanding of Dis-ease

Module 14: Saturday 13th March 2021
Assessment for Diploma Qualification

Evening tutorials, telephone/e-mail support will be available during the course.
We may also include external client practice sessions where appropriate.