Holistic Reflexology

Holistic Reflexology

Massage to the reflex points of the feet, corresponding and linking the subtle energy field with specific organs and systems of the body. Particularly beneficial for pain relief, stress reduction and restoring sleep patterns.

Advanced Reflexology
Specialist ‘reflexology circuitry’ is available to help particular groups and conditions, for example:

During pregnancy
Babies and children
‘Terminally’ ill
Bereaved/those who have suffered loss

Reflexology for Children

Shorter, specialised sessions are available for children, aged two and upwards. In particular, we are able to offer help in respect of:

Attention Deficit Syndrome
‘Dreamy’ children
Compulsive, Obsessive Disorder

Infants under two years may receive healing and parents/carers will be taught techniques which will help balance their babies’ energies
A variety of healing approaches are employed, as healing programs are tailored to suit individual child requirements.