Foundation in Light

Foundation in Light

This is a unique course in the spiritual understanding and working knowledge necessary to nurture and develop a life in healing – whether for your self and those around you, or to take a healing path into a career as a therapist. This course provides all the building blocks for a foundation, to reach into and move towards all your potentials.


The ‘Foundation’ course encompasses all aspects of personal energy, meditation and self-healing techniques. It brings an appreciation and understanding of holistic therapies, including why and how they work. Students will gain experience of healing both giving and receiving. Dimensions beyond the physical will be covered – including guides, angels, masters, lightworkers; life beyond the physical and connections to those who have passed to the Light.

An understanding of the many levels of life beyond our physical and planetary nature is key to our role on the earth at this time and the course aims to give the individual a very real perspective to their own place in the Divine Plan.

In support of their learning and change, each student is allocated a personal mentor to guide and support their individual development

The ‘Foundation’ course programme is over 12 months and includes attendance at 12 full day presentations (first Saturday of each month in Manchester). The course also includes one evening spiritual teaching each month (last Monday of each each month Manchester) and a minimum monthy attendance at 2 evening group meditation sessions. Each ‘Foundation’ student will be given a ‘Ticket to Light’ which will allow entry to all ‘Foundation’ events and unlimited access to group meditations for 12 months.

There will be a Certificate of Completion which assists entry on all Light of Hope CIC, College of Light Diploma courses, although it is not necessarily a pre-requisite to those courses. The ‘Foundation’ course is experiential and aims to develop good spiritual ‘housekeeping’ of both a personal and environmental nature. The course will be of interest to everyone, whether they aspire to a career in healing or simply wish to further their understanding and personal development

The ‘Foundation in Light’ course is non-denominational and open to all irrespective of religious, social or academic background.
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Foundation in Light Presentations (Full Days 10am-4.30pm)
Steps Manchester Teaching (7pm -8.30pm)

Starting April  2018 for 12 Months – At the Hope Centre in Sale (1st Saturday in the month)

Please contact John on 0161 973 9130  or

for more details.


WORKSHOPS – 1st SATURDAY 10am-4.30pm

STEPS – LAST MONDAY 7pm-8.30pm (unless a bank holiday when brought forward one week – see dates)




SALE CENTRE, Hampden Buildings, Hampden Rd, Sale, M33 7UB

0161 973 9130  or


WORKSHOPS – 1st SATURDAY 10am-4.30pm

STEPS – LAST MONDAY 7pm-8.30pm* Bank Holiday Changes

Introduction to the Energy Field

7 April 2018

1. Individuality

30 April 2018


6 May 2017

2. Polarity

*21 May 2018

Understanding the Aura

2 June 2018

3. Trinity

25 June 2018

Auric Housekeeping

7 July 2018

4. Foundation

*23 July 2018

Living in Harmony

 4 August 2018


*20 August 2018

Meet the Feet

 1 September 2018

6. Cycles

24 September 2018

Healing Tools

6 October 2018

7. Dimensions

29 October 2018

Introduction to Crystals

3 November 2018

8. Harmony

26 November 2018

Introduction to Soul Recall

1 December 2018

9. Completion

* 17 December 2018

Colour & Sound

5  January 2019

10. Constancy

 28 January 2019

Life Plan

2 February 2019

11. Gateways

25 February 2019

Cycles of Lives

2 March 2019

12. Mastery

25 March 2019

Meditations in Sale

Tuesday and Thursday evening doors open 7.00pm for 7.30 prompt start.

Wednesday lunchtime doors open 12.30pm for 12.45pm prompt start.

At lunchtime or evening there are optional refreshments and chat after.