Healing with Sound

Healing with Sound

Sound healing has been used in various religions and spiritual cultures for many years dating back to ancient times. Today quantum science experts have also researched and proven that the human body is profoundly affected by sound. Everything in the universe has a vibration, and will be affected to a greater or lesser degree by exposure to sound (e.g. the opera singer breaking a wine glass using the sounds of the voice). Reducing stress and creating a deep sense of peace are just two of the benefits, but sound has also been used for specific purposes in order to cleanse and rebalance the subtle energy system that surrounds the body. If the auric field is out of balance then sooner or later dis-ease will manifest on some level, be it mental, emotional or ultimately physical. Using special sounds and pure  tones  on a  regular basis will help to re-align the chakra system in  a  profound  but  gentle way, ensuring  a lasting greater sense of well being as you manage your daily trials  and  tribulations with a regular sound tune  up.  This will prevent the accumulation of negative energy blocks which could later lead to illness on some level. This may be an opportunity to contemplate and explore the possible reasons for these blocks during a one to one session on a later occasion with your regular therapist.

Personal Healing and Sound – the perfect combination

When we are exposed to therapeutic sound there are many things happening on many different levels.  On the physiological and neurological levels if the sound is relaxing it is likely that 5 minutes or more will entrain the system.  Therefore the brainwave frequencies will run a predominantly lower frequency (alpha or theta), the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration will drop.  The chemical processes will alter, and cortisol levels are likely to fall.  The sodium and potassium levels in the system would also balance themselves which is necessary for good health.  Neurochemicals such as dopamine (associated with pleasure responses) could be released, giving the receiver an uplifting and ‘feel good feeling’.

On a physical level the sound will be resonating with similar frequencies in the body which may or may not produce an effect.  Some people feel the sound working at the site of an old injury, or in a part of the body where attention is needed; others receive a much needed ‘sonic massage’ and are relieved of tension and pain.

On the emotional level some people experience joy, anger, sadness and other emotions as the sound resonates through the system.

On a mental level people may feel relaxed and as a result memories and/or visual images may come to mind.  These may or may not be accompanied by an emotional charge/response.  Beliefs and unhelpful thoughts may surface as the individual reflects on the memory/belief.

On a subtle (energetic) level one may feel the sound expanding the energy system.  Chakras that are having difficulty processing the prana/chi in the system may let you know they are there by feeling restricted or getting warm or cold.  People sometimes feel a buzzing through the body like an electrical charge which is as a result of an increase in circulation due to the decrease in muscle tension as well as the energy in the system receiving a much needed boost.

All of the above is part of your process and how you make sense of this is the transformative part.

The sonic signature of the crystal bowls allows the energy system to relax and expand, and when used following other more harmonically complex instruments, can allow the system to achieve a greater sense of relaxation.

As these resonances are experienced we do our best to make sense of what is happening.  This is a really important part of the process because we know that sound+intention creates the healing effect (Goldman).  Quantum physics has shown us that when we consciously direct our intention we are able to influence energy.  This allows our system on all levels to be shown another potential way of being and results in a shift of consciousness which can leave you feeling a little ungrounded.

Your process can also result in de-toxing and feeling tender (physically and emotionally) for a few days following a treatment/workshop.  This is ultimately a good thing – consider some support if the effects are worrying you or if you need assistance with the reflection process.

It is at this point that you can choose to grow into a new way of being or snap back to the old state. Even if you choose the latter it will never be exactly the same because an intervention has been made – you are in the driving seat of your process so this part is up to you.  If you need help and support with this process, then once again, speak to your sound professional for guidance.

So during and after your session be aware! Feel any resonance, be aware of any resistance in your system and on what level it is manifesting, reflect on why this may be significant for you, take responsibility for your process and use appropriate positive changes each day in your outlook/ attitude/ behaviour (or thoughts, words and actions!) to release and transmute the imbalance.


normally one hour

– 2nd Friday evening of each month starting at 7.15 at The Hope Centre in Sale, telephone 0161 976 6329 to reserve your place or text/telephone 07766 794221. Cost £7 if place reserved in advance, or £10 on the door

-1st Tuesday evening of each month at The Tapestry, St Agnes Church, in North Reddish, Manchester. Doors open 7pm for 7.30 start. Cost £10. Use same numbers as above to reserve places)


Sound therapy is quite unique in that several people can receive its benefits at the same time. A group sound session may begin with just a few minutes of recorded gong sounds. To the ear these can feel quite ‘abrasive’, but they are excellent for ‘waking up’ the energy field in preparation for the rest of the session. * The warm and calming sounds of Tibetan bowls will then begin. Shrouded in mystery to this day still, the sacred pure tones and rich   harmonics that these instruments produce will guide the listener into a comfortable and relaxed state along with a spacious and all consuming sense of peace and stillness. Theta drumming may be included next to help still further with deeper relaxation which may take the listener into theta brainwave state – very deep relaxation. *Vocal toning then begins with a pure and specific healing intent. Starting with the sacred ’om’ or ’aum’, and then a gentle ascension of specific notes and tones to help cleanse, harmonise and balance all chakras. As the vocal tones subside the amazing sounds of the quartz crystal bowls will begin, bathing and filling the whole space with single notes and sonic intervals to create a variety of moods and experiences, very effective at shifting stubborn negativity in the energy field. Some intervals sound so pleasant; they were banned by some faiths in days gone   by   for   being   ‘too   pleasing    and uplifting’, as blissful empowering realms are often experienced. The session ends with bells and chimes followed by shakers, rattles, shamanic drum or didgeridoo to bring the listener back to fully grounded awareness.

*In addition to live sounds some are pre-recorded in the first half of the session
to enhance and thicken the texture of the quieter instruments and vocal parts.

After your session on returning home it is important to take some time to relax and drink plenty of water, as toxins may have been released from the physical body. Allow emotional changes and feelings to also pass through as you gently adjust to greater balance and refined energy.


David Sargent, The Hope Centre, Hampden Road,
Sale, M33 7UB. Telephone: 0161 976 6329 email: davidsargent@fsmail.net


Therapeutic sound is very powerful and must be treated with respect. It is not suitable or appropriate for everyone. The following list gives further details:

  • Females less than 3 months pregnant (standard requirement)
  • People with frequency triggered epilepsy or history of seizures that might be sound triggered.
  • Those with serious mental health conditions eg schizophrenia, bi-polar, advanced psychosis.
  • Those with metal implants in the body, such as pins or joints, should proceed with caution, as sometimes, although rare, sound can trigger resonance in the implant which might lead to physical pain.


This information by David Sargent, therapeutic sound practitioner and reflexologist, and Lyz Cooper, teacher and founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy