Christmas Eve Meditation through Relaxation 2.30pm for 2.45pm

All welcome to begin the festive season with Meditation through Relaxation. Doors open at 2.30pm for a 2.45pm start on Christmas Eve , 24th December.  Take some time out from the frenetic energy of Christmas shopping, office parties and catering panic to enjoy half an hour peace and relaxation.  Join us for some festive refreshments after the meditation. £3.50 donation.

Equinox Crystal Meditation 20th March 2017

Equinox Crystal Meditation – Monday 20th March 2017 at 7.30pm

We will join together on the Spring Equinox, with a focus on peace on 20th March. Our collective focus will be magnified with a crystal configuration.

As the energy will be enhanced this meditation will be suitable for those who have meditated before.

Meditation at the Hope Centre is through relaxation. Our meditations are guided and complemented by gentle music which may be recorded or live (crystal bowls)

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start. Refreshments will be provided after the meditation for those who wish. Donation £3.50

Refreshments will be provided after the meditation for those who wish. Donation £3.50

There is no need to book in advance but it is helpful for planning and refreshments to know who is planning to join us.

For further information please contact us on 0161 973 9130






Strength in Passing 2015



We shall all pass from this earthly world one day, does it make sense to prepare?


The course is open to all irrespective of age, academic, social or religious background. Strength in passing will be of particular benefit and interest to those who have suffered bereavement, are terminally ill or are carers. Anyone for whom the passing from life holds any fear or mystery should consider this course


  • To provide non – denomination insight into life and transition through an understanding of the Human Energy Field
  • To provide understanding of the nature of disease and the purpose of pain.
  • To facilitate healing through mutual support, understanding and the sharing of experience.
  • To introduce practical self help techniques to assist the bereaved, those in transition and carers.

Course Structure:

There are four workshops, each will standalone. However the full course will build a greater and deeper understanding and afford greater healing potential.

Each workshop is a full day combining teaching, experiential activity, group assignments, feedback and discussion. Participation and sharing of ideas and experience is encouraged. Comprehensive notes are provided at the end of each day.

Venue:            The Hope Centre

Hampden Buildings, Hampden Road, Sale, Cheshire ,M33 7UB

Cost:  £40 (£36 with concession) for each day or £136 for all 4 days if paid in advance (£120 with concession).

Light refreshments provided. Local facilities for food or bring packed lunch.

Contact Tel 0161 973 9130

Crystal Meditation – Tues 11th November, Doors open at 7pm for a 7:30pm start

There will be a special Crystal Meditation on Tuesday the 11th of November.  The focus will be Peace and we will use a special crystal configuration to magnify and focus our collective energy.

Doors open at 7pm for 7.30 start.

All proceeds will go to provide a water pump for Xipbo Village, Volta Region, Ghana in West Africa. The pump would serve about 5000 people in the village and surrounding area and be built on common land in the centre of the village.  The Cost is just over £3000, and we are about £650 short – excluding BACS fee.  Nearest water ‘supply’ is 3 miles walk to a dirty river and is usually kids and mums jobs to collect water. This is a project organised by our colleagues at the Hope Centre, Halifax. They hope to be able to commission the pump by the end of the year – with your help. Every penny goes to the project.

If you cannot attend but wish to help please pop in the Hope Centre to make a donation. If you wish to send a cheque, please make payable to Light of Hope cic and post to the Hope Centre, Hampden Buildings, Hampden Rd, Sale M33 7UN. Many thanks


Toning Workshops

Learn to use your voice to clear and balance chakras and improve well being.

Toning is an ancient healing method utilising the voice to create powerful vibrations to bring positive change.

Today we can learn to combine breathing, visualisation and voice, to create vibrations to bring personal healing through the clearing and balancing of the chakras.

The 2 day Toning Worshops are  for those who wish to use their voices more effectively to improve lives and well beings. The tones resonate through the body and energy systems, enabling and empowering our natural and inbuilt systems of self healing. The training will involve group and individual voice work (you do not have to be able to sing)

The course will run at the Hope Centre (Sale) on Saturday 19th July and complete on Saturday 16th August (10am to 4.30pm). Refreshment will be provided in the morning and afternoon but you need to sort out your own lunch (bring or buy locally)

The cost is £40 per day or £70 if paid in advance for both day

Booking is essential as numbers are limited. Please contact by e mail or tel 0161 973 9130 if you wish to book or require any further information


Crystal Meditation – Solstice 21st June

Crystal Mediattion – Solstice 21st June

We will be Meditating on Saturday 21st June at 6pm (doors open at 5.45pm) with a Crystal Configuration to assist in bringing peace, balance and alignment to the earth.

The use of crystals will increase the power of the meditation and thus may not be suitable for those who have little experience of meditating in a group. (current Foundation in Light students are welocome)

We look forward to seeing those of you who wish to engage in a positive act to encourage positive change at a time of great opportunity. Charge is by donation.

Any queries please  e mail  or contact the centre on 0161 973 91230. Although no booking is required it will assist if you can let us know if you plan to join us.

Foundation in Light – Practical Spirituality 2014/2015

Foundation in Light


The Foundation in Light is a unique course in the spiritual understanding and working knowledge necessary to nurture and develop a life in healing – whether for yourself and those around you, or to take a healing path into a career as a therapist.  This course provides all the building blocks for a Foundation to reach into, and towards, all your potentials. Many students have found the course to be truly life changing

The course is over 12 months and there will be a Certificate of Completion which assists entry on all The Light of Hope CIC College of Light Diploma courses, although it is not necessarily a pre-requisite to those courses.  The ‘Foundation’ course is experiential and aims to develop good spiritual ‘housekeeping’ of both a personal and environmental nature, and will be of interest to all, whether or not a career in healing is the ultimate goal.

The ‘Foundation’ course encompasses all aspects of personal energy, meditation and self-healing techniques. It brings an appreciation and understanding of holistic therapies – why and how they work. Students will experience healing – both giving and receiving.  Dimensions beyond the physical will be covered – including guides, angels, masters; life beyond the physical and connections to those who have passed to the light.

An understanding of the many levels of life beyond our physical and planetary nature is key to our role on the earth at this time and the course aims to give the individual a very real perspective to their own place in the divine plan.

The course includes attendance at ‘Steps’ teachings which are held monthly (in the evening) at  Sale on the last Monday of each month (unless a bank holiday when brought forward a week)

Course Structure

  • Each student will be allocated a personal mentor to guide and support their development
  • Students, as part of their personal development, will be required to attend a minimum of two evening group meditations per month. They may attend as many meditations as they wish.
  • There will be a student card pass ‘Ticket to Light’ which will access all available events to ‘Foundation’ students.
  • The ‘Foundation in Light’ course is non-denominational and open to all irrespective of religious, social or academic background.
  • Students who do not register for the total ‘Foundation’ course may attend each study day or event separately and individually, and pay accordingly.

COURSE FEES: 10% deposit of £52.80 and 12 monthly payments of £39.60 by standing order (total payable £528.00). OR

Full payment in advance £448.80. (15% discount)

Concessions: 10% discount for full-time Students, Senior Citizens and those receiving Income Support.

For more information or to reserve your place, please contact:

The Hope Centre (Manchester), Hampden Buildings, Hampden Road

Sale, Cheshire, M33 7UB

Telephone:  0161 973 9130

E-mail:    website:

Animal Magic – 30th August 2014

“ANIMAL MAGIC” – 30th August 2014

All welcome to a fun and intriguing exploration into the world of animals – our relationship with them and the teaching they bring to us (if we only watch and listen!).

  • Open your life to the messages of Animals
  • Understanding  animal symbolism
  • Discover  keys to your Lifeplan
  • Animals in Dreams, meditation and in life

ALL WELCOME – Saturday 30th August 2014

9.30am Registration for 10am prompt start – Cost : £30 (10% concession)


The Hope Centre (Manchester), Hampden Buildings, Hampden Rd

Sale, Cheshire, M33 7UB

Tel 0161 973 9130 E-mail :


Hope Centre News – February 2014

News February 2014

Foundation in Light began  in April we have 19 students, just one short of our ideal but several folk are taking a “pick and mix” approach by attending selected apsects of the course and paying for each as they attend.

Contact John on 0161 973 9130 0r e mail

The Diploma in Holistic Reflexology began in April 2014 with 7 students. The ocurse is closed for new students but will run again next year. The 12 month course runs over 14 Saturdays. For further details please contact Alison Sargent on 1061 973 9130 or e mail

We have just completed some taster sessions of  Meditation at Trafford Housing Trust and hope that we may do more in the future. Many companies are becoming aware of the benefits to their staff and thus their productivity and attendance records thorugh the use of simple relaxation, meditation and mindfulness techniques. We welcome the opportunity to connect with other local employers to discuss benefits and training in this area.



Strength in Passing begins 26th July 2014 with the first of 4 Workshops dealing with issues of Life and Death, illness and bereavement. We will be addressing these matters from an Holistic perspective in a healing and supportive environment.

We have recently established a partnership with Trafford Carers for whom we are providing  regular meditation groups once a month on the 2nd Thurday mornings at 11am.

We have taken on a couple of new volunteers who are helping out on reception for a few hours each week. We really appreciate any help from volunteers and would welcome contact from anyone who feels drawn to our work and can spare a few hours each week.

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga will no longer be running from the Hope Centre on Tuesdays. We wish Angela success in the future.

We will be running a 2 day TONING COURSE on 19th July and 16th August. For details please e mail the Hope Centre on or call. This powerful and ancient practice can be used to improve well being on all levels by using particular tones and techniques to balance the chakra system. Each day is £40 or you may pay £70 in advance.

We now have Volunteers covering most sessions during the week, having recently welcomed several new faces. Many thanks to all who have connected and support our work.

We will be having a CRYSTAL MEDITATION on the Solstice – Saturday, 21st June at 6.00pm. The mediation is suitable for experienced folk – the crystal configuration creates a higher vibration which may not be appropriate for those new to meditation. Doors open at 5.45pm, payment by donation. Any queries please  email or call the centre. No need to book but it owuld help if we have an idea of numbers.