Sound Baths by Dr. Nicholas Peters at The Hope Centre

Sound Baths by Dr. Nicholas Peters at The Hope Centre

Friday evenings, 7:00pm-8:00pm on the following dates:

10th June, 24th June

1st July, 15th July, 29th July

12th August

Unwind after a busy week and start your weekend off by soaking in beautiful healing sounds to calm the mind, relax the body, and connect with Spirit.

Commencing with a short guided meditation, followed by a sound bath featuring the healing sounds from handmade Himalayan singing bowls, Koshi wind chimes, rainstick, and other sacred sound instruments.

Please note that these sound baths will all feature the use of slowly swirling ‘nebula’ light projections on the ceiling to make for a more immersive experience in sound and light. As such, if you are photosensitive, please consider bringing a blindfold to wear.

Each sound bath at The Hope Centre costs £12 per person.

What you need to bring: Yoga mat, pillow and blanket, or a sleeping bag (as you will be lying down for the duration of the session). You may also wish to bring a bottle of water.

Please ensure that you are well-hydrated and that you do not have a full stomach.

Spaces are limited, so booking is essential. To book your place, please use the booking form on this webpage:

Or email:

Queries: 07842 322 592


We are delighted that all our activities are now available again, although we are maintaining certain precautions and protocols to reduce risk to our guests and staff. Courses are back in progress. We are hoping to complete Holistic Reflexology Diploma , Foundation in Light and Crystal Healing Diploma by the end of January and will return to our previous patterns in April when new courses will begin.

Regular Meditations are continuing ( retaining social distance), with energy alignments available again before and after meditations in the evening.

All Holistic Therapies are again available, with therapists and clients agreeing on what PPE they are mutually comfortable with, now that there are no mandatory requirements.

Mask wearing is now voluntary in the Hope Centre for events such as Meditation and on Course Days.

We continue to practice our enhanced cleaning regime and still maintain 30 minutes between clients to allow for cleansing and greeting clients in order to check temperatures and encourage sanitising.

We have tried throughout the pandemic to ensure the safety of our guests and staff whilst keeping open as many facilities as we were allowed. This has proved to be helpful to many people, and thankfully we have has very few staff or guests who have been ill.

Many thanks to all who have supported us through these challenging times. We hope that many more will have the confidence to return to the Hope Centre as we move safely towards greater freedom and positive social interaction.

Let us look forward to the future with HOPE

Best wishes to all